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Secret #1

The simple way to cut your cost per lead in half (no, really!)

Crossing your fingers and praying that your ad works this time is not a strategy for successful and profitable ads.

Here’s how you ensure that you never again pay a penny more for your ads than you need to!

Secret #2

The formula for a high-converting campaign that works the first time, every time

If your ads haven’t been super successful in the past, this is why.

You’ve been missing this most crucial component of a high-converting campaign and we're going to show you how to fix it!

Secret #3

The behind-the-scenes elements that turn your ads into profit-pumping ATM

Lots of people are touting the success they’re having with ads, including your competitors!

Still scratching your head, wondering how they’re running ads that are actually making money, the answer may be surprising.

... And more!

Meet Your Ads Coach

Part mom, part wine and coffee lover, part marketing agency owner... and 100% obsessed with helping entrepreneurs simplify their marketing so they can get better results and enjoy more of their life.

I know that running a business is a lot of work. And it can cause a lot of stress. As a former manager for a local health and tennis club, I know first-hand what it feels like to worry everyday about where your next lead or customer will come from.

As the result of my own stress-related heart attack at age 34, I set out on a mission to help other female entrepreneurs get more bang for their buck with Facebook Ads.

And I'm here to help take the stress of marketing off your plate.